Audition Etudes

 This is the official listing of the TCCBDA All-State Audition Material. All corrections and errata will become official only when it is posted on the TMEA site. Please check it FREQUENTLY to be certain you have the most up-to-date errata. If you have questions about these etudes or the errata, please contact the TCCBDA Vice President.

NOTE: There is an additional percussion auxiliary etude this year.  You can access and download the etude under the content area titled "Percussion Auxiliary Etude"  below.

 TMEA and TCCBDA etude numbers (Etude 1, Etude 2) may not be the same!

Official TCCBDA Audition Etude Listing: 2019-2020

Flute and Piccolo

Book: Flute Etudes Book
Mary Karen Clardy
European American Music Corp. or Schott
EA 764   0-913574-96-1

Etude 1:  Andante

Pg 46 Etude #29

Tempo: Quarter Note = 56-64

Cut: Play from the Beginning up to the first beat of Measure 15; No Repeat: Skip to 2nd ending.

Etude 2: Volubile

Pg 8 Etude #4

Tempo: Quarter Note = 108-120

Cut: Play m. 56, beat 4 (pickup to m. 57) to downbeat of m. 83

Soprano Clarinets

Book: Artistic Studies, Book 1 - From the French School

David Hite

Southern Music Company


Etude 1:   Allegro Furioso 

Page 71,  Etude #26 

Tempo:  Quarter note = 108 

Cut: Play from  Beginning to beat 3 of measure 20 


M. 1-12 No repeat
Extend the slur in m. 25 to the downbeat Ab sixteenth note in m. 26. Begin the next slur on the 2nd Ab sixteenth note in m. 26
m. 8--Remove the slur from the last two sixteenth notes of beat two
m. 9--Extend the slur to the F-natural at beginning of beat three
m. 10--Extend the slur to the E-flat at the beginning of beat three.
m. 11--Third sixteenth of beat 4 is B-flat
m. 19--Slur extends over beats 1 and 2, similar to beat 3 and 4 in the same measure 

Etude 2: Adagio

Page 64, Etude #19 

Tempo:  Quarter note = 48 

Cut:  Play from the beginning to the downbeat of measure 30 


At the piu mosso, make the eighth note = 108-116.

Low Clarinets


Artistic Studies, Book 1 - From the French School

David Hite

Southern Music Company


Etude 1:  Allegretto 

Page  53, Etude #7 E minor 

Tempo:  Dotted Quarter Note = 50 – 60 

Cut:  Begin at measure 57, play to the end 

Etude 2:  Allegro vivace 

Page  65, Etude #20 G minor 

Tempo:  Dotted Quarter Note 60 -70  

Cut:  Begin after the rest in measure 31, play to the end of measure 64 

Errata: No Repeats

Oboe and English Horn

Book: 48 Famous Studies for Oboe or Saxophone

W. Ferling, Revised by Andraud

Southern Music Company


Etude 1:  Adagio con espressione 

Page  5, Etude #9 F Major 

Tempo:  Eighth Note = 80 – 92 

Cut:  Begin at measure 1, play to the first note of measure 16  

Errata  In measure 7, if you have two slur options, take the larger slur, slurring from the first note (G) through the eighth note (Bb) 

Etude 2: Scherzo

Page  18, Etude #36 F minor 

Tempo:  Dotted Quarter Note = 66 - 80 

Cut:  Begin at measure 11, play to the end 


Book: Practical Method for the Bassoon - 50 Advanced Studies

Weissenborn / Ambrosio

Carl Fischer

O2150  0-8258-0350-0

Etude 1:  Andante sostenuto 

Page  95, Etude #21 F Major 

Tempo:  Quarter Note = 58 – 76 

Cut:  Begin at measure 28, play to beat two of measure 43  

Etude 2:  Allegro ma non troppo 

Page  91, Etude #17 G minor 

Tempo:  Quarter Note = 138 – 168 

Cut:  Begin on beat 3 of measure 42, play to the end 

Contra Bassoon


Book: J. H. Luft 24 Etudes

Valerie Anderson

Jeanne Music Publications


Etude 1: Allegretto

Pages  24-25, Etude #14 

Tempo:  Quarter Note = 124-152 

Cut: Play from  Beginning and Play to the first note of Measure 35 (E Natural Quarter Note)

Etude 2: Adagio

Pages  34-35 Etude #20 

Tempo:  Eighth Note= 84-92 

Cut: Play from Beginning and play to the downbeat of Measure 24 (D Natural Quarter Note


Book: 40 Studies for Trumpet

Wurm, Voisin


No. 2025

Etude 1: Larghetto

Page  Page 11, Etude #9 

Tempo:  Eighth note = 72-84 

Cut: Play from measure 1 to the first note of measure  18 


m. 10 - First three beats, including trill and grace notes, should be slurred.

m. 16 - Trilled F# and grace notes should slur to downbeat of next measure 

Etude 2: Allegro Moderato

Page  18, Etude #18 

Tempo:  Quarter note = 100-120 

Cut:  Begin on beat four of measure 19 where the key changes to concert A-flat and play to the end. No repeats, take second endings each time. 

Errata:  M. 22 The 16th notes are slurred. 

F Horn

Book: 335 Selected Melodious, Progressive, and Technical Studies - Book 1

Pottag / Andraud

Southern Music Company


Etude 1: Andante (G minor)

Page 40

Tempo:  Quarter note = 60-68 

Cut: Play Entire Etude

Etude 2: Maestoso

Page  121, Etude #104 

Tempo:  Quarter Note = 116-126 

Cut:  Play from beginning to m. 31 ct 3 Fermata 

Tenor Trombone

Book: Advanced Musical Etudes, 112 Studies based on Blazhevitch's Etudes



No. 154

Etude 1: Moderato

Page: 37 Etude #57

Tempo: Dotted Quarter Note = 72-80

Cut: Play from the Beginning to the downbeat of measure 38

Etude 2: Allegro

Page 40 Etude #60

Tempo: Quarter Note = 96-108

Cut: Play from Beginning to first note of measure 43

Errata: In measure 24, play the lower octave of the split.

Bass Trombone

Book: 20 Etudes for Bass Trombone

Lew Gillis

Southern Music Company - Hal Leonard


#HL 03770297

Etude 1: Medium Fast in 1

Page 20 Etude #13

Tempo: Dotted Quarter note= 64-72

Cut: Play All

Etude 2: Slowly

Page 21 Etude #14

Tempo: Quarter Note = 60-68

Cut: Play from the Beginning to the first note of Measure 22


Book: Selected Studies

H. Voxman

Rubank / Hal Leonard

No. 160 


Etude 1: B Major

Page 50

Tempo:  Quarter note = 60-70 

Cut: Play from beginning to the first note of measure 24


Sforzando in m. 9 should be on the downbeat of m. 10

Etude 2: Tempo di polacca

Page 43

Tempo:  Quarter note = 86-96 

Cut: Play entire etude, no D.C. al Fine 

Errata: Play beginning to m. 44, no repeat, no D.C. 


Book: 60 Selected Studies for BBb Tuba


Robert King Music / Alphonse Leduc Editions Musicales

No. 278 


Etude 1:  Adagio 

Page 11 Etude #15

Tempo:  eighth note = 58-66 

Cut: Play from beginning to measure 17, end after 4th note in measure

Errata: No Repeats

Etude 2: Allegretto

Page 23 Etude #30

Tempo:  Quarter note = 104-119 

Cut: Play from beginning to measure 26 count 3 (quarter note)

Errata: No D.C. al Fine 

Percussion- Snare

Book: Portraits in Rhythm

A. Cirone

Belwin Mills/Alfred


Etude 1:  No. 17 

Page  19 

Tempo:  Dotted eight note = 84-92 

Cut:  Play from m.22 (the first 2/16 on line 3) through m. 69 (the first measure of the next to last line, a 2/16) 

Percussion - Keyboard (2 Mallet)

Book: Masterworks for Mallets


Row-Loff Productions

RLP-12102000 (2006)

Etude 2:  Fantasie and Menuett 

Pages 40-41

Tempo:  Dotted Quarter Note = 60-64 

Cut:  m 28 through m 65 (Do not play the downbeat of D.) 

Errata: In M, 28, the first note in beat 2 should be a B-natural, NOT a   B-flat. Updated July 31. 

Percussion - Keyboard (4 Mallet)

Book: #MarimbaBaby: A Marimba Songbook

Mark  Ford

Musicon   Publications


Etude 3:   Sweet Dreams  

Pages 16-17

Tempo:  Dotted Quarter Note = 56 

Cut:   Play from three pickup notes to m21 through the end. Do not take the repeat. Please play the second ending and continue to the end.  

Errata:  Begin with the 3 pick ups notes to measure 21.
Do not take the first ending at mm. 36. Take the 2nd ending and go to the end.Players may only play the 4.3 octave version of Sweet Dreams. To play Sweet Dreams on a All must make these adjustments for 4.3 marimba!:
In measures 22 and 26 – play B2 instead of G2.
In measures 29, 33, 42 – play the first four 8th notes in the bass clef up an octave. The right hand is unchanged.
In measure 46 – Play the low G2 up an octave 

Percussion - Timpani

Book: The Solo Timpanist


Carl   Fischer

O4402   0-8258-0914-2

Etude 4:  XXII   

Page 39

Tempo:   Eight note = 88-96 

Cut:  Play from m. 15 – End   

Errata:   The dotted quarter note in measure 17 should have three slashes on its stem to make it a roll.  

Percussion - Auxiliary Etude

Please download the Percussion Auxiliary etude below.


Selection 1 

Book: Sixty Sonatas. Volume 1, Nos. 1-30




Etude 1:  K.23 in D - Allegro 

Pages: 64-67

Tempo: Quarter Note = 110-120

Cut: Play from Beginning to End


Selection 2

Book: Songs Without Words (Selected Favorites)




Etude 2:   Op. 67, No.3 - Song of the Pilgrim  

Pages: 33-35

Tempo: Quarter Note = 50-58

Cut: Play from Beginning to End

String Bass

Selection 1

Book: 12 Studies, op 31 for String Bass



Int 1913

Etude 1: No. 12 -Allegretto

Page: 12

Tempo:  Quarter Note = 70-80 

Cut:  Play from Measure to 1st sixteenth note of measure 56 

Errata: Measure 40 beat 2 has an incorrect note in the chord (Eb):   it should be Bb/D/G (posted 5/8)

Selection 2

Book: 57 Studies, Vol I

Storch-Hrabe (Zimmermann)

International Music Company

No. 1034

Etude 2: No. 24 -Allegro assai

Pages 24-25

Tempo:  Quarter Note =  116-124 (revised 5/2)  

Cut:   Begin Measure 17 downbeat of 57 with repeat of measures 18 & 19 

Errata: Ms. 22 - is forte, and not preceded by a crescendo (posted   5/2)
 Ms. 39 - all C's should be C natural (posted 5/21)
 Ms. 45 - the lower C should be C natural (posted 5/2)
 Ms. 52 - the lower C should be C natural (posted 5/2)