Concerto Competition Guidelines


1. The piece performed for the recorded audition must be recorded with accompaniment.

2. You may use as many sessions as necessary to get the best possible recording, but the submitted recording must be a run-through of the entire piece with no cuts. No altering, electronically enhancing (including reverb), splicing, or editing of the submitted file is allowed. 

3. Record all files in mp3 format. They take less space than .wav.

4. Complete "TCCBDA Form 5 - Concerto Competition Entry."  Also be sure that the students's name and school is printed directly on the sound file being submitted to Dropbox.  

5. No fee is assessed for submitting entries for the Concerto Competition.

6. Send TCCBDA Form 5, a photocopy of the music (solo part only), and the soloist audio file to the Concerto Competition Organizer.  Also, place the audio file into the Concerto Competition Folder as a shared folder using the email address

7. FILES MUST BE UPLOADED NO LATER THAN THE SPECIFIED DEADLINE. All tapes uploaded after the deadline will not be judged.  It is recommended that before sending your file, you test it on three different devices to ensure it will play properly.   

8. If your student is selected as the soloist, you must contact the Symphonic Band Music Organizer as soon as possible to discuss arrangements for securing the music for the band. You are responsible for providing the band music for the convention use (rental, purchase, etc.)

9. In order to maintain a standard of excellence, the judging committee reserves the right to not select a winner if there are no entries considered to be of soloist quality.

10. Read the Concerto Competition Requirements for details regarding this competition before submitting your entry.

11. TCCBDA members and auditionees agree that the decision of the panel is final.

12. Any questions regarding the soloist competition should be referred to the current Concerto Competition Organize