TCCBDA All-State Ensembles Rules for Eligibility

In order for a student to be eligible to audition for, and participate in, the TCCBDA All-State organizations, they must meet the following requirements:

-The sponsoring director must be a current active member of TMEA.

 -The student must be certified by his/her TMEA active member director as a viable member* of the school’s parent group during both the semester of the audition (fall) and the TMEA activity (spring).        
-The student must possess a high school diploma or equivalent at the time of audition.
-The student may not participate as a member of the Community College All-State organizations, in any combination, for more than three years.

-The student must not have been dismissed by TCCBDA from prior participation. 

* Viable member is defined as "a student registered for college credit in the college's parent ensemble." Students do not have to be full-time college students to participate in TCCBDA activities.

The Texas Community College Band Directors Association reserves the right to deny participation in the all-state ensembles to students from institutions which fail to provide qualified personnel to assist with the seating audition procedure at the convention site in San Antonio. Furthermore, students housed at the convention must have a sponsoring director housed at the same hotel. 

Student Conduct Policy


Students selected to participate in the TCCBDA all-state ensembles must abide by the TCCBDA Student Code of Conduct as well as student conduct policies imposed by their institution/college.

Each student participant must submit a completed TCCBDA Form 6 - Student Code of Conduct no later than arrival at the host hotel in San Antonio. These forms are to be given to the repective Ensemble Organizer before seating auditions begin. Students under the age of 18 must have a parent signature on the form.

Participation in the TCCBDA All-State ensembles is a privilege granted by TCCBDA and as such may be revoked or withdrawn at any time if determined to be in the best interest of the ensemble, the other student participants, or TCCBDA.

Summary of TCCBDA Student Code of Conduct

1. Students signify that they recognize the authority of their individual colleges in governing their actions in relation to the college and they agree to abide by any regulation concerning student conduct set up by their college or its representatives.

2. Students acknowledge and accept the authority of TCCBDA to govern, to restrict, and, if deemed necessary by TCCBDA, to terminate an individual’s participation in the clinic/convention, without restriction or recourse.

3. The security of a student’s equipment is their own responsibility. Do not leave equipment unattended at any time.

4. Students must remain reasonably quiet at all times in the hotel. TVs, radios, etc. must be played with volume at low levels.

5. No practicing or playing instruments in the hotel after 10 P.M.

6. Curfew for all students is 1:00 A.M. Students must be in their assigned rooms and not leave them after this time.

7. Hotel room doors are to be kept locked at all times.

8. Only parents, spouses, and registered guests of the hotel are allowed in your hotel room.
9. Any damages to hotel property or the convention buildings must be paid for by the responsible individual.

10. Students may not audition for a college, conservatory, or summer camp during the clinic/convention.

11. Students are to wear their TMEA name badge to all rehearsals.

12. Students are expected to be present at, and early for, all rehearsals and performances. Absence from a rehearsal or seating audition will, in most cases, disqualify the student from any further participation in the all-state ensemble and clinic/convention.

13. Students who are late to rehearsals may face chair reduction or removal from the ensemble.
14. The possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted for any student, regardless of age.

15. The illegal possession and/or use of controlled substances (drugs or illegal materials) is prohibited.

16. Disruptive behavior, physical or verbal abuse, or failure to conduct oneself in a responsible and courteous manner will serve as grounds for removal from TCCBDA activities and housing.

17. Students who are removed from an ensemble for any reason are no longer a participant in TCCBDA or TMEA activities. They must surrender their TMEA nametag and are not allowed to remain in TCCBDA housing. It will be the responsibility of the sponsoring director to coordinate and secure transportation for the student's immediate return to his/her campus.

18. The student’s sponsoring director shall be responsible for enforcing both college and TCCBDA imposed policies.

19. Cell phones and other portable electronic devices are not permitted in rehearsal without approval of the ensemble organizer.

20. Preferred concert attire for both ensembles is formal black. 

Sponsoring Director Responsibilities


1. The Texas Community College Band Directors Association reserves the right to deny membership/participation in the all-state ensembles to students from institutions which do not provide qualified personnel to assist with the band audition procedure at the convention site in San Antonio.

2. Students housed at the convention hotel must have a sponsoring director housed at the same hotel who will be responsible for their student's behavior. Any exceptions to this policy must be coordinated through the President.

3. Sponsoring directors agree to chaperone their student's behavior.

4. TCCBDA members and auditionees agree that the decision of the audition judges is final. Concerns regarding auditions may be directed only to the Vice President

5. Sponsoring directors agree to abide by and enforce all TCCBDA policies and decisions. 

TCCBDA Housing Policy


Housing reservations at the host hotel are coordinated by the Vice-President.

Due to liability and logistical reasons, all members participating in TCCBDA ensembles must be housed in host hotel.

Members of the all-state ensembles will be assigned rooming based on the directions given on TCCBDA Form 1 - Symphonic Band Auditions and TCCBDA Form 2 - Jazz Ensemble Auditions.

Faculty members and sponsoring directors must submit TCCBDA Form 3 - Housing Request for Faculty to the Vice-President by the specified deadline to secure rooms for themselves.

           -Initial room reservations for student participants and directors will be made by the Vice-President in mid-December.    These reservations will be made for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights only. Saturday nights may be added when you call the hotel in January to guarantee your reservation.

        -In mid-December, the Vice-President will send housing lists to TCCBDA members. As changes arise (students not returning to school, etc), contact the Vice-President to update rooming lists and ensemble rosters..

        -In mid-January, directors will be instructed to call the host hotel and guarantee their rooms (yours and your students') with a credit card. Failure to do so will result in your reservation being cancelled by the hotel.

        -Directors are not to contact the hotel directly until TMEA authorizes us to do so.

Reservations are made only for sponsoring directors, assisting faculty, and students who are members of one of the all-state ensembles. Reservations for all others, including student music clubs or alternates for the all-state ensembles, must be made through TMEA Housing, not the TCCBDA Vice-President.

Directors of students selected as alternates for the all-state ensembles are strongly advised to house themselves at the host hotel in case their student should be moved into the ensemble at the last minute. If the director does not have their own room at the host hotel, the alternate will not be permitted to be housed at the host hotel (TCCBDA policy); it will be the director's responsibility to secure housing for their student.

Participation Fee Structure


Institutional Audition Fee = $50 annually  (collected with audition submissions in Fall)

Each institution that participates in TCCBDA audition activities is required to pay an annual Institutional Audition fee of $50.00. This fee is collected once per year, per school, whether students are auditioning for the Symphonic Band or the Jazz Ensemble, or both and regardless of the number of students auditioning from the school.  Participating Schools will each receive a CD of the TMEA performance, regardless of whether an auditioning student made an ensemble.

Audition Fees:(collected with audition submissions in Fall)
Symphonic Band Audition Fee = $7 for each audition file submitted
Jazz Ensemble Audition Fee = $14 for each student submitting one or more audition files 
Concerto Competition Fee = no fee for entry

All-State Participation Fees: (collected with fee payment in Spring)
Symphonic Band Participation Fee = $25 for each student
Jazz Ensemble Participation Fee = $40 for each student
TMEA Student Membership Fee = $20 for each student in either ensemble

Director Fee: (collected with fee payment in Spring) = $10 for each director or faculty member; minimum of 1 fee per school