TCCBDA All-State Jazz Ensemble Audition Etudes

Starting in 2018-2019, TCCBDA will be using a 3-year cycle of etudes that draw from previous TJEA audition etudes used in the last 20 years.  The sets are labelled A-C and ALL needed audition files will be posted to this website.  Do NOT follow TJEA etudes for ANY given year. 

For the 2018/19 audition year, we will be using Set A.  Below, find individual groupings of files for each instrument.  

Please submit the etudes in the order they are shown on our website.  For all instruments EXCEPT drums, track 4 will be all required improv.  Please be sure to use the audio file titled "Bb Blues Audition" for improv recording purposes.  For Drums, tracks 4-7 will be styles and the order of those styles is contained in the PDF. 

All necessary play along tracks (improv and drum etudes) are linked along with the corresponding sheet music.  Optional etude play-along tracks will not be posted to this site, but you are welcome to purchase them on your own from dealers such as J.W. Pepper, RBC, or Pender's Music.