Concerto Competition Requirements

 Each year, the TCCBDA All-State Symphonic Band concert will feature an outstanding student soloist performing with wind ensemble accompaniment. In order to be selected for this honor, students must submit a recorded performance audition and meet the following requirements:

1. The solo/concerto must be available with band accompaniment.

2. The soloist must perform an instrument used in the standard symphonic band. Piano is not acceptable.

3. The student who is selected must have entered and qualified for placement in the TCCBDA All-State Symphonic Band. Students cannot enter the Concerto Competition only.

4. The piece performed for the recorded audition must be the piece performed at the concert. In longer or multi-movement works, a single movement may be performed in lieu of the entire piece at the discretion of the Concerto Competition Organizer in consultation with the soloist and the soloist’s sponsoring band director. A student will not be allowed to peform a movement that was not included on the audition recording.

5. A student may not be selected and perform as the Concerto Competition winner more than once.

6. In order to maintain a standard of excellence, the judging committee reserves the right to not select a winner if there are no entries considered to be of soloist quality.

7.  Any questions regarding the Concerto Competition should be referred to the Concerto Competition Organizer