Rehearsals and housing for directors and student members of both bands will be at:

Drury Plaza Hotel: San Antonio Riverwalk

105 S. St. Mary's Street
San Antonio, Texas, 78205
Phone: 210-270-7799
Fax: 210-222-8863


Rates for TMEA 2018/2019:

1, 2, 3, or 4 persons in a room = $144 plus 10.75% city tax = approx $159.48 per night

Total for one room for 3 nights = Approx. $478.44 (includes city tax)

* Free hot breakfast included *

*Parking is extra (read below)*

Parking at the Drury Plaza is approximately $21 per night with tax (3 nights = $63).
Note: this rate is not locked and is subject to change. Check back for updates.

From the hotel website:
Due to limited parking availability in the area, all cars parked at this hotel will be valet parked at $19 + tax of $1.55 per night. In/out privileges are available at no additional charge. Garage maximum height is 7 feet.

Payment by credit card, cash, check*, or Credit Card Authorization**

Individual schools must provide a Hotel tax-exempt form upon check in to avoid paying hotel room state sales tax. All schools pay city tax which is 10.75%. Also, Bring your school's Sales tax-exempt form to avoid paying sales tax on parking fees.

*If you pay with a check (personal or school), you must also provide a credit card (personal or school) as guarantee at check-out.

**Credit Card Authorization allows your college to pay the hotel bill without you having to have/bring an institutional credit card. PROCEDURE: 1. Download the Drury "Credit Card Authortization Form." 2. Print the form and list the confirmation numbers for all the rooms you will be paying for. 3. Have your business office complete the remainder of the form and return it to you. 3. When you call the hotel in January, use the credit card number from the completed form (i.e., your college's card) to guarantee your room(s). 4. Tell the Drury staff that you will be faxing them a "Credit Card Authorization Form" for payment and a tax-exempt form. 5. Fax the two forms to 210-222-8863. (It would be wise to confirm their receipt of the forms.) 6. At check-in, tell the Drury staff that you sent them a "Credit Card Authorization Form." They will verify your record and place an itemized receipt under your room door during the last night of your stay. No check out is required (unless there are personal expenses on the account).