Guidelines for Recording and Submitting Symphonic Band and Jazz Band Auditions


CLICK HERE for a downloadable document with the following instructions and illustrations. 

Recording Auditions

Please record all files in mp3 format. They take less space than .wav, can easily be coded for auditions, and are easy to play back on all devices and platforms.  If you difficulties with this file format, please contact the Vice President for assistance.  Any files received that are not mp3 will need to be resubmitted.

1. Record only one student/instrument/etude per file. If a student is auditioning on two or more instruments (such as Flute and also Piccolo), separate files for each must be submitted.

2. Studio effects (reverb, etc), edits (splices, etc), and multiple stop/starts within an etude may not be used.  Submissions thought to contain any of these will be disqualified. The student may select which "take" of an etude to submit, but each etude must be recorded straight through without stops.

3. Files that contain speaking, incorrect etudes, or any other extraneous sounds will be disqualified.

4. Each etude must be its own file.

5. The audition etudes must be named in the order listed on the audition music list. Use the TCCBDA etude numbering order, not the TMEA etude numbering order (example: TCCBDA may elect to not use the first of the three TMEA listed etudes and only use their 2nd and 3rd etude; TCCBDA will then list and refer to these last two etudes as "Track 1" and "Track 2" for our purposes.)

Name Audition Recording Tracks

6.     Label each file by school, ensemble and instrument, etude number. (Temple­­­­_SB_Alto_Sax_ 1_Track_1)  Place underscores between each word as some file players prefer continuously named tracks.

7.     Add a number to the instrument only if you have more than one student auditioning on the same instrument (example: Temple_College_SB_Trumpet_1_Track_1; Temple_College_SB_Trumpet_2_Track_1). For jazz band, use JB (example: Temple_College_JB,_Alto_Sax_Track_1; Temple_College_Drumset_1_Track_4; Temple_College_Drumset_2_Track_4).

Creating a “dropbox” account (go to, follow instructions)

Be sure to save your password for future use.

1. You get 2mb space in dropbox for free. If you have a large number of audition files, you may need to upgrade for a small fee.
2. Once you have established your dropbox account, you are ready to share files.
3. Create a folder labeled  - School name, Symphonic or Jazz band, audition year (ex. Temple Symphonic Band audition 2017). Inside, create a sub folder for each instrument being submitted. (ex Temple Bass Clarinets)
Note: Please make separate folders for Symphonic Band and Jazz Band auditions.  Failure to do this will require you to resubmit files in separate folders.
4. Click on your dropbox icon (If on a mac, this should appear in the bar at the top of the screen.  On a PC, it should appear somewhere at the bottom of your desktop after you create an account.)
5. Click on “dropbox folder”
6. Place your folder in the dropbox.
7. Once the files have uploaded into the dropbox folder,  click on “,” or use your browser to get back to your account on the web.  
8. Your browser window will open, showing the folder you have uploaded, click on the link icon to the right. (It will appear when your cursor is in the vicinity.)
9. It is now time to share the folder.  A window will open that should allow you to type in an email address to send the folder to.  Type in the email address and click “send” (sometimes you may have to click send more than once.) 
10. A green window will appear indicating that the link has been sent.

IMPORTANT! Once you have sent it, you cannot remove or alter the files in dropbox, or they cannot be opened.

What happens now?

1. The vice president will download the files and send you a confirmation email.
2. The vice president will duplicate the files you sent and rename the duplicates labeling with the same anonymous coding we previously used on used on CD’s
3. The vice president will send the files to the judges using the same process with detailed instructions on how to load them into their media player.
4. After judging, the results will be returned to the vice-president.

 It is strongly recommended you practice this procedure first before committing your final selections.  Perhaps you can send them to a colleague or your personal email address a couple of days early for practice. Submitting Audition documents and fees. 
1.   Fill out "TCCBDA Form 1 - Symphonic Band Auditions" or "TCCBDA Form 2 - Jazz Band Auditions", for your school. List files in instrumental score order beginning with piccolo and ending with percussion. If you don’t have anyone auditioning for some instruments, skip those instruments and go to the next instrument. This form and its accuracy is the key to decoding results after the judges rank the students. Please type accurately and do not handwrite.  Keep a copy of this form for your records.
2. When labelling instruments on Forms 1 and 2, please use the following names for the instruments (in score order):
​Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, B-flat Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Contra Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Percussion
For Jazz Ensemble rhythm instruments please use the following names: Piano, Guitar, Jazz Bass, Drums

3.  Include a photocopy of your current TMEA MEMBERSHIP CARD with your entry form. (You can print a copy from the TMEA website). You must be a current member at the time of audition submissions.

4.  The audition fee is $7.00 for each audio file submitted. (The $7 fee is for each instrument audition. Example: The fee for a student who submits a Soprano Clarinet recording and a Bass Clarinet recording is $14.00) The audition fee is in addition to the participant fee, which will later be assessed on students making the ensemble (see Forms & Policies >TCCBDA Policies > Participation Fee Structure).

5.  Checks should be made payable to Texas Community College Band Directors Association. Money orders, PO numbers, and personal checks from directors are acceptable; checks from students are not accepted.

6a. Send the Dropbox link including all files, TCCBDA Forms 1 and/or 2, and TMEA member card copy to the Vice-President. Do not email forms separately to the Vice President.

6b. Send the check/PO for the audition fees and a copy of TCCBDA Form 1 to the Treasurer.

7.  SUBMISSIONS MUST BE UPLOADED BY THE SPECIFIED DEADLINE. All entries uploaded after the deadline will not be judged. Absolutely no late entries unless called for to fill out a section.

8. A check or PO# must accompany your submission of audition files. Non-conforming submissions will be disqualified..